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Accreditation Standards
Many factors persuade and reveal the quality of education. AGC reviews the effectiveness of an institution’s educational programs by evaluating the infrastructure that supports the delivery of programs as well as educational results, including student achievement.

To be eligible for AGC accreditation, an institution must be legally established, licensed by the state or government. To demonstrate financial stability, the school must have been in continuous operation for a minimum of TWO year prior to application for accreditation and have graduated at least one class of students from its longest program.

The institute should submit Self Evaluation Report. The SER includes questions related to all phases of an institution’s operation, to include areas such as:

  • Name of the University and date of incorporation
  • Complete Address, Tel/Fax, URL and Email
  • Mission statement;
  • Defined educational objectives and course syllabi;
  • School admissions requirements and procedures;
  • Availability of student services;
  • Student graduation and job placement rates;
  • Faculty qualifications, experience, and evaluations;
  • Current financial position;
  • Recruitment practices;
  • Advertising;
  • Catalog and enrollment agreement;
  • Student complaint policies;

The executive committee governs AGC and makes accreditation decisions on the recommendation of commissioners.  Commissioners are experienced postsecondary educators and have been faculty members, administrators, and owners of institutions. Commissioners are elected by the Constituent Council, which comprises representatives of accredited institutions. Three public members, appointed by the Commission, also serve.

Executive Committee

  • J K Williams, Dr.President

  • Steve Brookstein,Secretary


  • Dr. Greg Wilson, University of Northern Washington

  • Joe Hind, Business Executive

  • Lucy Haines, Business Executive

  • Michael Ley, Social Worker

How To Apply?
Institute seeking accreditation must submit SER. Please send your SER at